Why Young Brands Should Focus on Being Creative and Innovative

Many young brands with great brandable domain names who are advocating their love for artistry have their creative dreams and fears, but in many cases, they experience difficulties when transitioning their brand to the digital form. In many cases, they end up looking gray and “professional”, because they did not have a lot of money or patience, or sometimes even both.

Most brands are copycat brands, and the same goes for businesses. Someone informed them that their brand needs to look professional, and they believed it. Someone told them that their website layout needs to look a certain way, and they believed it as well. The same goes for marketing. In many cases, young brands are not happy with their websites, because it feels like someone took the heart out of them.

Or maybe it is just a work in progress, which can be frustrating. Every brand has been there, and the things that worked for them are creativity, innovation and authenticity. Focusing the brand around these things is the key to success.

Young brands also need to be focused on the things they love and the way they do things, because the best thing about this approach is that they can be themselves and, that way, automatically stand out. Why would any brand blend in, when they have the opportunity to stand out? But, how to achieve this?

Deciding on the Brand’s Priority


Every young brand needs to know the answer to the question: “What they want their brand to be?” The answer needs to describe how the brand will look and feel. They need to see what they want for their brand before they even start to focus on creativity, innovation and authenticity.

Another important question for every young brand is: “Was their answer influenced in some way?” Maybe they are not quite sure whether the answer they gave was their sincere answer; maybe it is something they picked up from experts, influencers and their peers.

They need to think hard and long about their answers, as only honest answers will help them find out what their brand priority is. Maybe they want their brand to be creative and authentic, or maybe professional, or just fun. Whatever their wish, they need to start working towards making it happen.

Life is too short to copy other people’s ideas, words and priorities. Young brands need to learn their own true desires and dreams, because this will be the key to their success.

What Is The Meaning Of Professional?

This is something that can be heard everywhere, usually from experts. They believe that the website of every young brand needs to be professional, have relevant content and so on, but do they know what professional even means? Is a clean and fun brand really professional? There are indeed many creative brands that cannot be described as professional, but rather as fun or interesting, yet this does not mean they cannot be both.

What about those brands that are alive and colorful; are they considered to be professional? We believe they are, but are they really trying? No, they are just being creative and innovative. They want to attract people similar to themselves; colorful, rebellious and fun. Young brands who are trying to be professional are, in many cases, just plain boring.

The fact that something is not traditionally accepted does not mean that it is not professional. Trends are moving towards making genuine emotional connections, and brands that are filled with personality and that focus on human-to-human marketing have a higher chance of succeeding.

And, when it comes to choosing between trends and tradition, we always give our vote to trends. Young brands need to remember that someone else’s definition does not have to be theirs. If they want to run a unique brand, they need to go above accepting other people’s definitions and ideas as their own.

How to Make a Brand Creative and Innovative?


After realizing why young brands need to be creative, innovative and authentic, it is time to find out how to achieve that. The first thing is their website, because that is the first thing anyone sees. They can play with ideas, layouts and furnish their online space like they would their home office.

Now, even though there is a lot to know about web design, user experience and branding, young brands need to set these rules aside for the time being, because rules block their creativity, and if they must, they can be added later. Just pretend that there are no rules, and the ideas that will come to mind will amaze you.

Young brands need to focus on being creative, innovative and authentic, and this means forgetting every word and idea they have heard from someone else and just focusing on being themselves. The best way to build their brand is to do it themselves and to do it the way they want. They should not allow their brand to be dull; instead, they need to make it come to life by relying on their own fresh ideas.