The Fashion Blogger’s Guide to Standing Out from The Crowd

Each day, more and more businesses appear on the market, making the competition even bigger. Because of this, sometimes, it can be hard to get noticed or to succeed. However, with the right business strategy, it could be done. For instance, new, innovative ideas are a great push towards triumph.

Moreover, good branding does half the job. It can improve your ranking, or serve as a marketing tool. But, this is all from the business aspect of it all. What if there was another perspective from which you could make your brand pop out? The fashion world, for example, is full of useful tips and tricks.

There is a lot to be learned from fashion designers, trendsetters, and fashion brands. A pop of colour, uniqueness, a break with tradition, etc; all this could be applied to branding. Let’s see how following and breaking fashion rules could help your business rise to the top, and stand out from the crowd.

It’s all in the details

In the fashion world, an outfit is complete only if all the details fit together like puzzle pieces. You can have a great combination, but adding a special detail or two would make it even better. And, to make things interesting, these details do not have to pop out and be immediately visible. For instance, if you are designing your brand’s logo, add a feature that would make your logo recognisable in a second. This can lead to a variety of brandable domain names

Moreover, incorporate your business’ niche into it, like some of the most famous logos out there that hide a secret. Maybe you have already noticed this, or not, but it is certain that these were smart moves by the design teams behind these logos.

And do not stop with just the logo. Provide details in every part of your business. For instance, if you are a hotel owner, pay attention to details in rooms, the hotel lobby, uniforms, etc. You can have the towels and linens embroidered with your hotel’s name or logo, for example. Moreover, you can create personalised key cards for the guests. Either way, it is important to make your brand noticeable even after your guests enter the building.

Pop of colour


Colours can be a fun addition to anything, but they can also be a dangerous tool if not used properly. For instance, when putting on clothes, people sometimes tend to overdo it with colours or patterns, whether it is due to a lack of knowledge about colour combinations, or something else. The same can be applied to branding.

For instance, the colours in your logo should match the personality of your company. Furthermore, over the years, your company would automatically be matched to the colour of your logo, packaging, or something else. Just look at Tiffany’s and their blue boxes, or Louboutin red on the back of their shoes. Also, take Google’s logo; each letter is coloured with a bright tone. It is a playful logo, without a doubt, and their doodles make it even more interesting and engaging.

Clearly, colours leave a deep mark on the customers. Additionally, it helps your brand stand out from the competition. The reason colours should be handled carefully is their power to influence the customer’s’ psyche. Depending on the shade, we have different reactions to them. For example, green and blue symbolize serenity and a connection to nature, while red means passion, and so on. And, companies are aware of this. That’s why they carefully choose their branding colour, because they know it will affect their ranking and reception with the audiences.

Signature look

One thing that will most definitely make you stand out is your own personality, followed with a signature look. This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular, however. For instance, the blue Tiffany colour we mentioned earlier, would be a signature look. Other examples would include Burberry’s check, Adidas’s three stripes, or Nike’s swoosh.

They are always there, on their products, making each item unique and having a distinctive look. If you need more examples, take a look at famous people, like Gwen Stefani and her red lips, or Anna Wintour and her bob hair style. The two of them have something called personal branding. Those details are small, but they are what makes them distinguishable, and this is what your brand needs. In order to grab people’s attention, you need this type of branding.

Simple but effective


Sometimes, the trick is not in the colours, details, pomp and fanfare. Sometimes, the trick is hidden in the simplicity of things. Even though it might seem monotonous and boring, a simple design can be highly effective if used thoughtfully. The best example of this is Apple, the most powerful brand in the world

They have succeeded in gathering an enormous audience, and a cult following, with only one product colour and a simple logo. Surely, once upon a time, their apple logo was colourful, but that changed into a stylish solution. And, this monochrome result is surely one of the reasons why people love buying and owning Apple products. It allows for focusing on what the product can do, and how it functions, but it also makes them more visually attractive because simplicity can mean luxury.

Fashion is a world filled with opportunities to experiment until you find your true self. This is what you should do, until you discover your brand’s true identity. Also, you can change your company’s look in a few years. You can make small changes, or big ones; either way, do not be afraid of them; changes can be good. But, more importantly, you are leading your own business; therefore, do not copy others – build your own authentic look and be proud of it.