The Art of Quirkiness – How to Quickly Raise Brand Awareness

Building a brand around your company is one of the most important things that should be covered in modern day businesses. There are many benefits to having a strong brandable domain names for your organization, and what differs branding from other business strategies is the fact that it is there, in all of your business endeavors. Branding is in sales, in customer support, company culture, marketing strategy and so forth. It’s something that covers your whole business and gives it a recognizable shape that gets etched into people’s minds, no matter how they got in contact with it.

Branding cannot be precisely quantified or measured, and this is why many entrepreneurs neglect this aspect of business. They think that brands get built on their own, once you have a name and logo, and that they should just wait patiently for that to happen. Nowadays, all businesses have a branding strategy. Why? Simply because branding makes your business unique and memorable, and this is highly important when you have a lot of competition.

In the sea of millions of business organizations, you need to be unique, so that people choose you over all other businesses that offer similar services or products as you do. This is why you should have a proper branding strategy, and the following tips will help you do so, whether you have no branding strategy or you have one that is performing badly.

Create a brand that’s identifiable


To boost your brand awareness, you must create a solid, consistent and strong brand identity that can help you build trust in your potential customers both online and offline. The first thing you need to do is to create a unique, recognizable name for a business that fits in well with all of your logos, fonts and colors you use to represent your brand. When all of these things complement each other, they will be recognizable and people will start connecting them to your brand.

Explaining your brand philosophy and showing who is behind your brand is extremely important. Tell your story, of how you became a company, where your roots are and what drove you to doing what to do in your “about us” section on your official web site. Include a blog section on your site as well, to show your human side and how you think.

Talk about topics that are interesting to your target audience to show you are human as well, and that you understand their troubles. You can also boost your brand by including your logo in all of your commercials, adds, blog, website and other places, to plant your image in people’s minds.

Optimizing your website  Image01

In the world of branding, the first impression is highly important! A website that is optimized for its target audience and search engines will drive traffic and make people stay longer on it, while a portion of those people will convert to customers.

It’s highly important that you coat your whole landing page in your brand. What exctacly do I mean?  Make sure that everything your write on your site is consistent with your brand’s values, and that your tone is always the same. When you are consistent with your statements, you will be more recognizable. This is why you have to make sure that the writing on your site has what it takes to spark interest in people’s minds and also realte to you as a brand!

Design your website professionally with a beautiful layout, make it optimized for all users, no matter if they are accesing it from a tablet, laptop or a mobile phone, include buttons for social sharing and streamlined fonts, colors and logos.

Improve your social media presence

Social Media websites are simply essential for raising brand awareness, as you can speak directly with your audience and discuss important subjects through your profiles. With social media, you can build long-lasting relationships, while at the same time gaining valuable insights into what people are looking for or what bothers them.

A lot of people don’t even bother going to a website before they see some business’s social media page. A social media page makes your brand more engaging and approachable and people will not be afraid to ask questions or talk with you about their worries.

  • Social media platforms

Make sure that you choose an appropriate social media platform(s) depending on the type of business you run and the kind of brand image you want to develop. You can choose from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn or many other platforms. Make sure that you choose a platform that your target audience likes to visit.

  • Strategy

All of your activity on social networks should be adapted to your brand. Make your brand’s voice be heard and expose your core values so that people learn what you are all about through your social media profiles.



One of the most powerful influencers both online and offline is the word of mouth. Thanks to the increased popularity of social media and online reviews, you can spread your brand’s influence online quickly and efficiently. By monitoring people’s activity online, you can tap into this great influencer in several ways. People talk about everything and you can use this social behavior to your advantage.

By leaving a good impression on people, they are more likely to have words of praise for your or recommend you to their friends. Make sure that your customer service shares your brand’s values to your customers and helps you get feedback to shape your branding strategy even further. Contact other influencers such as journalists or bloggers so that they write reviews about you and bolster your brand even further with their own base of followers.

Building brand awareness took a lot of time in the past, but now, with various online technologies and experts that specialize in branding, you can achieve this rather quickly. If you have time, you can even do this all by yourself, but you will have to learn even more on this subject, to learn how to utilize your knowledge.