These are the terms and conditions applicable to Nameperfection.com


1. Property Transferred – Property to be transferred will be the right to the domain name purchased only and logo file on the site.

2. Venue, Jurisdiction, and Choice of Law – You agree that any disputes arising under this contract will be adjudicated under the laws of the State of Tennessee, that the venue of the disputes shall be in the courts of Shelby County, TN, that those court should have sole jurisdiction over this matter, and that any right of jury trial should be waived.

3. Prior Sales – Nameperfection lists its inventory on multiple third party sites. While every effort is made to keep inventory up to date within 24 hours, in some cases a domain purchased on Nameperfection may already be sold in which case the purchase price shall be refunded but no other remedy is available.

4. Transfer- Nameperfection will make a reasonable effort to transfer domains to a registrar of your choice. It is always faster to use the registrar the domain is currently at. (Usually Godaddy or Dynadot).  Also, in some cases the domain may be in a 60 day registrar lock if it was recently acquired. You agree that you may need to create a free account at the original registrar to receive the domain. Nameperfection reserves the right to cancel the transaction and refund any amounts paid in case transfer proves to be excessively difficult.

5. Logo – You will receive the logo on the site and own it.

6.  Temporary consideration options – For 10% of the purchase price of a domain you may have the exclusive right to purchase the domain for 30 days. Note this may only be renewed once.  Please contact admin to do this.

7. Attorneys Fees- In any case each party shall be responsible for their own attorneys fees.

8. No Guarantees or Warranties- You acknowledge the Name Perfection provides no guarantees or warranties as to the past uses, history, link profile, penalty history, trademarks or any other matter concerning the domains sold. You should check appropriate research tools before making a purchase.

9. Damages- In any case not listed above you agree that damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the domain.

10. Privacy- Name perfection does not sell or provide information concerning customers to third party or outside vendors. Nameperfection will not in the future as well.  It is standard policy to report sales of domains. However we will delete references to domain on this site and not report the sale if requested. Note tools like way back machine may keep an archive of listings.

11. Sales Final- All sales are final once the domain name is transferred.