Search Business Names With a Creative Brandable Names Portal

Many startups face huge challenges in choosing creative business names around which they can build a great brand to market their products. When it comes to brand-building, differentiation is very important. Startups must build brands without falling into the temptation to imitate their competitors because at the end of the day, you only win the market by differentiating your business from existing brands and giving your customers a unique experience. That unique experience begins with choosing a great business name. You can search business names by taking several factors into consideration which will increase your probability of finding a desired business name.

Getting the right business name can be a great challenge for many startups

Getting the right business name can be a great challenge for many startups

The first factor that you must put into consideration is the category or niche that you are operating in.  If you are in the fashion industry, then it is important to limit your search to fashion-related keywords so as to get the most relevant brand names for your business.  You may narrow down your keyword research further as you search business names by incorporating additional parameters such as the first letter, number of letters and certain word combinations.

Once a catalogue of names appears, you can review them to determine the most suitable and brandable domain names for your business. Your business names will also be your brand names so it is important to snap it as quickly as possible before it falls into third party hands.  The advantage of brandable domain name portals such as is that the names also come with custom unique business logos that you can use to brand your business right away. New business names are added to the existing inventory on a regular basis so you can continue to search business names at a future date until you get what you are looking for.

Here are additional tips to consider as you search business names:

  • Resist the urge to imitate. Have the courage to set forth on your own unique path and search business names that will arouse curiosity in your products and services.  Domain name or business name differentiation is always an important part of brand strategy.
  • Study the market. Take a look at all your competitors and determine the naming pattern that they are using. You can list them down and pour through the list to try and discern a pattern. Try to see how you can differentiate yourself by getting off the beaten path and coming up with a unique business name for your niche. Studying your competitors will in fact help you in discovering your own unique identity and the mission for your business.
  • Be Creative. There is a reason why companies with brandable names are running million dollar businesses while those with descriptive domain names are rushing to sell them to the next available buyers. Brandable domain names outlast and outperform competitors in the online marketplace. If you need help in finding great brandable names as you search business names, get in touch with NamePerfection staff for assistance.