Need a trendy business name?

The idea of creating a trendy business name is to select a brandable name. Some trends in trendy business names comes from the selection of the ending of the name. Fun suffixes added onto a common word creates something that rolls off the tongues of consumers.

Trending suffixes include:

  • -io
  • -ly
  • -sy
  • -ie

Adding one of these suffixes to a common word, such as tone, which could be a health/wellness company or music-related, could become tonio, tonely or tonesy, which follows current business name trends.

How a Trendy Business Name Benefits You?

A trendy business name keeps your company relevant. It should be a name that is timeless and can withstand changes in society, industry trends, and consumer buying trends. We have trendy business names that are ready to be registered and used that you can purchase.

Why Should You Choose to Work with Us?

We work diligently to ensure that every customer inquiry is vetted quickly as every customer’s needs are urgent. We also provide fast, professional services and have an available database of business names with matching domains. We save you the trouble of having to change your website’s name because researching the availability was a missed step; it’s already done for you.

Does your Trendy Name Fit your Business?

That is what we are here to help you decide. It is important that your trendy name match the industry your company participates in. You can provide some details about your business to our representatives and we can help you with a few suggestions of names that fit your company.

We look forward to helping your brand new business have a trendy name that gives it a recognizable identity. We want your company’s name to be a memorable one that consumers will enjoy doing business with for decades to come.

Trendy business names can be great for companies looking for a great brandable name. Endings like -io -ly -sy and a number of other tech friendly suffixes appears to be trends at times but return years later to prove the solid basis these trends have in solid good taste. Picking out a domain name fitting popular endings and naming memes can be difficult with the best ones taken or only available at outrageous prices.


Fortunately, Name Perfection has conglomerated an exception inventory of great trendy company names to establish a great brand.