Innovative Business Names for the Medical Industry

The healthcare industry includes various branches that provide goods and services to treat patients. In order to meet various health related demands, the medical industry has to provide patients with curative, palliative and rehabilitative care. In today’s world, there are many companies that are very successful in their field of work.

Among other things that can help their business flourish, one is certainly an innovative name. It’s important to understand that this “business” takes care of the one thing people hold most valuable. With that in mind, entering the market with an innovative business name should be one of your top priorities. Your innovative name will help your business make a powerful impact, which is crucial for branding success. Here is some advice that should help you get an insight into why an innovative name is important in the medical industry.

First of all, please be aware that the name you decide to go with should allow for future expansions, into various medical specialties. Always check if the domain name is available before you definitely settle for one.


It shouldn’t be that hard to come up with a brand new and innovative name for a hospital in an age where the internet is flooded with tons of examples and user experiences. Cross-referencing your knowledge of what a hospital and its employees represent with all those examples you can find online should be helpful enough for you to came up with an innovative name. You should stay within certain boundaries, or golden rules that apply to any business naming process: keep it short, easily readable and memorable. These examples should help you get the bigger picture:

  • ClinicaStar
  • CubeClinics
  • Cureosity
  • HoriconClinics
  • JoyClinics
  • NovasClinics

One more important thing to consider is who you plan your patients to be. If you take the innovative route, you may limit yourself to only a certain group of people. This is why you should consider adding something innovative to some good ol, already proven hospital business names

  • Oasis Hospital Center
  • Progress Medical Center
  • Genesis General Hospital

Dental Practice

Each day, more and more people are becoming aware that dental hygiene is very important for a healthy lifestyle. Marketing campaigns are teaching us that prevention is the key for having your teeth healthy. This results in regular dental visits on a monthly basis. If you plan to enter this market or take some steps to be even more successful, naming your practice in an innovative way will surely help you attract more people. You need something different than your rivals; something that will make your marketing campaign interesting, giving you some cool ideas for a business logo. The innovative names for your dental office should be something like these ones:

  • Floss & Gloss
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Pearly Whites
  • Perfect Smile
  • Beautiful You Dental
  • Pain Free Dentistry

Naming your dental office can prove difficult, because even though some names are catchy, they might seem unprofessional. Naming anything in correlation with health care requires caution. Stay innovative and keeping it professional should be your motto.

Healthcare Equipment


The trend in this industry dictates that company names should always include words and phrases such as: laboratory, systems, medical systems/laboratory, devices, bio. It is good to know that the market is oversaturated and, starting a medical equipment manufacturing business is very risky. With this in mind, maybe it is better to focus on the distribution of medical supplies and equipment. The originality of your name and its legal availability will create a real asset value of its own in the process of marketing and gaining market acceptance. Anyhow, here are some of the names that can help you come up with an innovative name on your own, whichever path you decide to take:

  • Med-Equip/Medequip
  • Hardy Diagnostics
  • (your name) Laboratories Inc.
  • (city you operate from) Scientific Corp
  • MedSupplies
  • PrimalMed
  • LargeMedical
  • Essential Health Tech


The need for pharmaceuticals is always on the rise. Whether you are a supplier or manufacturer, you don’t have to worry about your job. Your main concern should continue to be the outreach your business will achieve. Signing contracts with local pharmacies and building a brand that will help you build relations with your customers can be achieved by giving an innovative name to your business. Following examples can help you with your naming decision process:

  • Healers Pharmaceuticals
  • New Line Medicines
  • Innovation Medical Service
  • Lifeline Pharma

Keep in mind that your products will be consumed by real people. People form their opinions based on first impressions. Providing them with quality products that are branded with an engaging background story and an innovative name that sticks in their minds will ensure a steady consumer base for your business.



Experimentation with genetic manipulation and harnessing cellular and bimolecular processes in order to develop antibiotics and improve lives and the health of the entire planet is innovative by definition. Coming up with an innovative name for a biotech company should be your priority. But, making it sound fresh and, at the same time, like telling the audience what you are doing may prove difficult. These examples could help you name your business, whether you are trying to fuel, feed or heal the world:

  • VisioLabs
  • StimuLabs
  • GreenLabs
  • AdvancLabs
  • BetterWorld Pharma

As you may have concluded by now, everything is in your hands. There are endless variations for an innovative business name in the medical industry. Picking up a catchy and innovative name will certainly help your business blend into the modern market, and allow you to make many connections with business partners. Staying up to date in the modern world of businesses and industries is a road to guaranteed success. Make sure to follow trends in the medical industry so that you can catch the name that will make your business recognizable among an abundance of rivals.