How Your Brand Name Affects Your Marketing and Ranking

The question: “How does a brand name affect online marketing and search engine ranking?” is frequently asked by many webmasters. A lot of people fail to make a connection between their brand name and ranking, but those who know a bit about Google’s algorithms recognize that there is no way to actually measure the popularity of a certain brand. The first thing you need to understand is that Google’s algorithms are designed to encourage the creation user-oriented content, as opposed to SEO-oriented content.

The thing that people always recognize is the brand. For example, you are searching for some information about a particular disease, and the SERP lists several links in front of you. The top entry is related to the information you have been searching for, but you have never seen that website before. The following results belong to Mayo Clinic and WebMD, and you will surely click on them because of one simple reason; you trust their information and their brand.

One of the most important choices you will have to make is to choose a brand name. That choice will impact every area of your website’s success and that includes your marketing and ranking. So, let’s examine how brandable domain names will impact your SEO, while analyzing the factors of what really makes a good brand name.

How Important is a Brand Name When It Comes To Marketing?


Your brand logo can be a term, a name, a symbol, a sign, some kind of design or perhaps a combination of all of the elements that identify the services and products you offer as a seller. This is what differentiates you from other sellers. For your brand to be good, it has to clearly deliver the message, to connect emotionally with your target audience, to confirm your credibility, create user loyalty and motivate the customers to buy.

When the consumers begin to identify with your brand, the brand will live within the minds and hearts of your clients, prospects and customers. A strong brand is inevitable if you want to fight for your customers. You need to spend time researching, defining and building the brand, because your brand is a kind of promise to your consumers. A brand is a foundational piece when it comes to your marketing, something you do not want to be without. And you will want to use that to get your brand in front of your consumers.

You should use your brand as a guide towards fully understanding the purpose of your business objectives, because that way, you will be able to create a marketing plan that will fulfil your objectives and strategy. Your brand will not only create loyal customers, but it will also create loyal employees.

Your brand will give them something to believe in, something they will want to stand behind. It helps them to understand what the purpose of your business or organization is.

How Important Is A Brand Name When It Comes To Ranking?


Like we mentioned before, your brand name needs to build trust, because if you manage to do that, it is more likely that they will follow your work on social media and share your content, which will ultimately lead to more traffic. The thing that is very important for achieving higher rankings are quality backlinks; they are the most vital ranking signals. Google values backlinks that are created naturally more than those that are created through manipulative practices.

If you have great content on your website, and some of those authority websites that have huge amounts of traffic adds a link that leads to you, you will hit the jackpot. Well, this is only if you have a good brand, because otherwise, why would anyone trust the information you have about your content? What could have been an amazing opportunity will be lost, just because you do not have good brand recognition.

So, how does Google exactly measure the popularity of a brand? Google will look at the specific searches that lead users to a particular website and this is what will be used to measure the popularity of a brand. It will also look at the relevance and quality of the resource. Another important aspect is that Google will record queries that contain the mention of a brand name. It will then use this information and generate similar results in the future. All of this means that Google will start to give high importance to brands that are authoritative and any queries related to them.

Backlinks are not enough for improving your ranking and, to build a solid brand, you will need to do it with co-citation and co-occurrence. To create a good brand, you need to constantly provide your readers with informative and relevant content that will be original. When your website provides content that will bring value to the readers, they are more likely to cite you with other resources. This is what will pave the way for co-citation.

If your content is relevant and on track, it is implied that it will have phrases, synonyms and words that will go well with the title, and this is what Google will recognize as a positive signal.

Market your content and highlight your brand. Branding is crucial and it will increase your chances to get recognized as an authority source by other authority websites that bring you natural backlinks. If you follow the best ranking practices, you will be able to reach those top results of SERPs, but to stay there, your brand needs to be recognizable. Keeping yourself on the top of the search results will be possible if people recognize your brand and backlink to it.