How to get Free Business Name Ideas

Coming up with a unique business name can be a huge hassle particularly when you are also grappling with many other startup woes such as fundraising, hiring staff and the development of product prototypes. When it comes to choosing business names, it is always important to get it right the first time so as to avoid the complexities and costs associated with the future re-branding your business. Business re-branding is particularly difficult on the internet where domain name change will cost you not just customers but a hard earned online reputation through your page rank, Alexa rank and links. These are online marks of quality that are difficult to attain. It takes some painstaking work to build a solid online reputation so you ought to ensure that you are building and improving on your existing authority rather than re-launching new names with no authority.

Brainstorming Business Name Ideas

Brainstorming Business Name Ideas

Founders can use the internet to supplement their creativity department but many online portals offer business name suggestion tools that are either inefficient or offer premium plans without matching quality. offers a human-powered business name ideas tool that helps business founders find hand-picked distinctive and brandable free business name ideas that they can use to differentiate their startups and launch a powerful brand in the marketplace.

Users can easily generate free business name ideas by leveraging NamePerfection’s unique inventory of brandable domain names.  Filters can be applied to search for the most fancied business names. For example, users can limit their search to 4L, 5L, 6L or 7L domain names and they will get hundreds of free business name ideas. It is always advisable to study the business names used by the various companies operating in your niche. You don’t have to copy existing business names but it is possible to get a rough idea which you can use to refine your search on the platform.

It is also possible to carefully select categories where you can find free business name ideas from’s huge array of brandable domain names. These can include fashion, business, mobile, kids, software, languages, shopping and music amongst others. Based on these it is possible to unearth golden brandable domain names that will give your business boost. Do not pay for name suggestion tools when you can access lots of free business name ideas to inspire you to success. The  tool also allows you to save time and resources-two things that are invaluable to startups- when searching for a good quality business name.