How to Find Good Names for Businesses in the Fashion Industry

During the last few decades, the fashion industry became a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. Because of this, it’s easily understandable why there are so many entrepreneurs trying to penetrate this market and enjoy their own piece of the cake. Whether you are focusing on selling or making clothes, you will need to find a way to stand out from the crowd and make a name for yourself. It is a branch of industry that targets an oversaturated marketplace, making it hard for any fashion startup to reach success.

In this world, everything revolves around fashion, which is defined as a style of clothing and accessories worn at any given time by groups of people. The things that the fashion industry encompasses are design, advertising, marketing, retailing, distribution, manufacturing and promotion of women’s, men’s and children’s apparel. The overall strategy you will be implementing in developing your business is going to be defined by the services that you want to provide in the fashion industry.

One of the most challenging things that await you on your way to success is finding a good name for your fashion business. There are already many strong associations that customers have formed in this branch of industry.

For instance, when most people say jeans, they think Levi’s; for running shoes, it’s Nike, and the list goes on. As you can see, you will have to come up with a stylish and catchy name that will go along nicely with your services and products for many years to come. This is why we have compiled this list that could help you come up with a name for your fashion business.

Explore your Confidence

Of all the branches of industry out there, the cult of personality is the most common occurrence in the world of fashion. Deciding whether you want to position your brand as the product of a designer or not will determine the direction of your naming process right off the bat. If you want your customers to strongly identify your brand with your personality, you can name your business by using both names. On the other hand, by using only your surname as a business name, you can build this attachment via different means.

It takes a lot of confidence to start a business in the fashion industry. You should keep in mind that a good name of your business can help you develop your brand in a shorter timeframe, with a fairly modest marketing budget.

Discover Your Target Niche


Sometimes, it is better to enter the industry through a small door in order to reach success. In most cases, when entering the fashion market, you will not have a budget as big as the leaders in the field. This is why you should try spending your time to identify your target customers.

If you do a research and find out who your potential customers are, you might end up with several good business name ideas. Knowing the problems and needs of your potential customers can prove to be useful tailoring material that you can use to sew stylish business names.

You can consider pursuing a naming strategy that will focus on coming up with memorable and evocative names. This way, your name will help you differentiate your business from other designer labels. The great example is a “Torrid” line of clothes. This company specialized in designing and manufacturing clothes for overweight teen girls.

Another important fact that could help you get the name you desire is the generation you will be providing for. We live in a world that is very dynamic and prone to unpredictable changes. Try to find everything you can about the generation you want to turn into your customers. This way, you can avoid a name that only sounds catchy and cool to you.

What is your Style


It might be much easier to find a name for a business that will be designing and manufacturing clothes that fit your style. After all, you know how you feel when you successfully express yourself through what you wear. These emotions could help you invent a name that can talk with your audience. You can also use this to create a great branding story that will attract even more customers.

You should look for a word that relates to your audience and style. But, try not to put that much effort in the naming process, because it can become counterproductive. Some designers say that they come up with the name for their companies while they were creating their clothes. Relax and do what you do best, and the idea will pop up.

Read Fashion Blogs

There is abundance of fashion blogs online. The amount of information you can get there is incredible. Try to read the most visited blogs on a daily basis. By taking a deep dive into the fashion world, you will get a feeling of what might be a good and a bad fashion business name.

Try leaving comments on blogs and don’t feel afraid to ask for a help in the comment section. Who knows, maybe the idea for a good name will come when least expected. While you are at it, try to read about leaders in the fashion industry and see how they have named their businesses. You need all the inspiration you can get.

These are just a few ideas that could help you come up with a good fashion business name. By now, you must be aware of the name and brand importance, and the impact it has on any business at any given time. Don’t expect that you will come up with a name in an instance.

Take your time and consider every option that has crossed the mind. See how it plays along with your business plan and will it be able to go well with any business expansions in the future. Thinking of a marketplace globally will help you avoid names suitable for a specific geographical region. If you deplete all options, feel free to seek inspiration on the internet. You can find many guides and examples that could spark up your creative side.