How to Create an Emotional Connection with Your Audience

It is well known that people tend to buy with their heart, rather than their head. This is why many businesses spend a ton of money and hours on figuring out how to claim a small piece of their audience’s heart. For some of them, it’s easy to achieve this, but for others… not so much. Buyers are influenced by their emotions even if they are not aware of it.  

Emotional connections determine the length and strength of a relationship with a customer, they drive decisions, change mind-sets, prompt actions and lead to strong advocacy and loyalty.

Consumers will try a product that someone recommended, but they will continue to purchase from these brands because they feel an emotional connection. A consumer who is emotionally engaged is at least three times more likely to recommend your product or service, three times more likely to purchase again, less likely to shop around and they’ll be less price sensitive. Let’s take a look at how you can do all that exactly.

Discover What Your Customers Really Like

To create an emotional connection, you need to find something that your customers will get connected with, we’d like to think this starts with selecting from a variety of cute business names.  This is the hard part, and you need to figure it out. The world’s most beloved brands say that you should focus on selling one emotional connection, not different things. In order to establish a successful emotional connection, it needs to have these three qualities:

  1. It needs to be a feeling, not a feature, so pay special attention to understanding that difference. A feeling is an experience that is internal, and a feature is an aspect of your service or product.
  2. It needs to be focused; your product already appeals to a specific audience, so the emotional selling point will apply to only a part of the general population. You are not just trying to sell happiness; everyone wants that. You are trying to sell a specific angle of that happiness that will appeal to a certain group of people.
  3. It needs to appeal to a certain demographic, because not everyone is going to value a specific emotional connection, but you will only need to connect with a certain group of people.

The Content


The power of content can create emotional connections, because good and engaging content can speak to people’s emotions. Content that is well-produced can create that kind of connection that will affect understanding and feelings. There are three connection points that good content can make:

  1. Emotional content needs to capture attention. Headlines are a crucial component of this strategy.
  2. Emotional content needs to keep people interested, because it won’t be effective without a certain level of engagement.
  3. Emotional content needs to move the user to take action and all successful websites use calls to action that are well-placed and powerful.

To create emotional content, you are going to need a couple of essential ingredients. Use the word “you” because it appeals to every individual. Then, make a connection in the headline. People may not read the post, but they always read headlines. Talk about your users and readers, understand them, who they are, and try to describe them in your content.

Focus on the feeling by simply describing a pleasure, a sensation, or some other experience. The ones who have mastered emotional connection know that all the important decisions come through emotional persuasion. Always add relevant photos to reinforce the message you are trying to send.

These are the methods that will create an emotional connection. You only need to remember that it is all in the content.

The Brand

Your brand needs to have a unique style that will awaken certain emotions with your customers. When you are trying to connect emotionally with your audience, you can never form a true connection if your brand isn’t cohesive, or an authentic representation of who you really are. How do you want people to feel when they see your brand and what are the emotions you want to achieve with your potential clients?

The voice of your brand goes hand in hand with the brand’s aesthetic, the brand’s voice is how you write and talk. Your brand needs to be consistent across all areas of your presence. The look and feel needs to be the same, whether that is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or your business cards, documents and more. If your brand story is perfectly consistent, your audience will see you as a strong brand that knows what needs to be done. When you build an emotional connection, your business has to be simple and streamlined for your customers. You need to keep them connected by streamlining all of your systems.

People want to connect with personalities, and every service and product can be infused with one. Like a unique personality that one individual has, a brand personality gives an external representation of the internal vision, mission and values of the company, and this is what makes the audience connect with a service or product. Your brand personality needs to be as unique as a personality of an individual, energetic and youthful and sometimes thoughtful and calm.

Emotional connection is a secret that is indispensable, and regardless of your service and product, you can always find an emotional selling point and promote it with good content. Customers do not always remember what you have done for them, but they always remember how you have made them feel, and this is where you can uncover the emotional benefit.