How to Create a Business Name that Gives Your Brand a Fun Personality

It’s a common practice for high-end entrepreneurs to support and add value to their companies by insisting in branding strategies that communicate quality and professionalism. Besides appearing overly formal in their advertising, such businesses usually bear the brandable business names that don’t quite resonate with the wider audience.

As proven by a number of their rivals, rigid conventions and business etiquette are nothing but misconceptions – successful branding, which always includes a company name as well, advertises quality and professionalism more subtly and unobtrusively, while addressing the audience in a spontaneous and fun tone.

Whichever the niche and however important your line of work is for a common good, there are still ways of lighting it up a bit. With a good sense of humour and a perfect amount of it, your company name can appeal to a much wider audience without ever losing its hard-earned renown. Here are some rules tricks and ideas for coming up with a business name that’s both professional and fun.

Why Fun Personality Is Important

Customer-oriented, today’s business world finally recognises the importance of engaging with audience and understanding their customer behaviour first-hand. Having a much deeper insight in their preferences and expectations, modern branding is now majorly focused on drawing the customers’ attention and keeping them interested in the long run. If market analyses are as correct as they seem to be, a new customer needs their providers to be as flexible, fashionable, attractive and entertaining as they can.

Naturally, these needs could never have been applied to certain fields of work, but wherever there’s space for introducing amusement and a bit of light-heartedness into storytelling behind products and services, a company stands to significantly benefit from such an approach.

Heavily relying on storytelling, branding is now facing new challenges – in order to keep audience entertained and intrigued, companies are compelled to find a balance between amusement and respectability. Business names, as one of the crucial branding factors, are certainly a fine way of channelling both of those ideas.

Play with Words, but Remember the Rules


Before putting all of your wits into creating a name, you should commit some time to understanding the psychology behind business names. However fun and brandable, the name should also be clear enough to express your company’s offers and goals and memorable enough to stick with your audience and be the first thing they think of when in need of the type of products and services that you provide.

These two requirements alone require your name to be understandable and straightforward, but short and catchy at the same time. Additionally, you’ll have to think about being searchable in the online environment, which suggests easy spelling and SEO friendliness. As if all this wasn’t enough trouble, you’ll also have to make sure that your name is still available for registering.

Once all of these unwritten rules are met, you can allow your creative juices to flow freely and devise a company name that’s creative, engaging and fun.

Be Cautious Of Unintentional Bloopers

To have a fun personality, a brand should be quirky, unique and appear as unrehearsed and amicable. There are many great examples of company names conveying such message, but don’t think for a second that they are not a result of some serious brainstorming.

Even if such a name suddenly comes to you, you’ll still need to ponder its originality and availability before registering. The problem with fun names is that they are usually made of sensitive words, and as such, unsuitable to represent a professional business in front of the public.

Such names can still be attractive to your audience, but remember that yours will be in the headers of all of your legal work and administration, and probably appear in the media as well. Be careful about these delicate aspects of coming up with a name to avoid the risk of giving the impression of being amateurish and frivolous.

Witty Ideas

Now that you’ve considered all the important factors that contribute to how your name will present your business to your customers and collaborators, you can finally enjoy the fun bit of creating a name. There are many ways of bringing a humorous element into the equation, and for all of them, you’ll have to lean on your creativity and command of language. Here are some ideas.

Ditcher, Quick and Hide. When you first see the business card of this law firm, their name will seem as a quite legit one, given that naming a company by simply listing surnames of partners is a common practice within this niche. But once it becomes obvious, you won’t be able to forget it ever again – the hidden message behind the name of this company that specializes in divorce trials is actually “ditch her quick and hide”.

Hair We Are. Not only does the name of this business clearly suggest the niche – hair salon – but it’s also clever enough to stick with the customers. Similar misspells of common expressions and puns can be found in examples like Juan in a Million, Faux Sure, and your new favourite, Curl Up and Dye, yet another brilliant name for a hair salon.

Hairanoia. With a little help from morphology, the process of thinking up a name can result in some extremely witty examples. This one, apparently a name of a hair salon as well, is actually a smart blend of words “hair” and “paranoia”, which addresses our compulsive fears of walking out of our hair dresser’s with an apparent horror and disappointment on our faces. Optimeyes resembles this example in creativity of approach, but unlike Hairanoia, it promises that this ophthalmology practice will make the absolute best (“optimise”) of your sight.

The Codfather. Although derived in a similar fashion as Hairanoia, The Codfather is even quirkier and catchier, simply because it plays with familiarity. Instead of our favourite movie – even the company’s logo is the same as The Godfather’s – we are presented with a fish market that is apparently the Marlon Brando of its niche. By sounding familiar and being instantly recognizable, examples like Surelock Homes, Lord of the Fries, Lawn and Order and Florist Gump are all making a perfect statement about their company’s lines of work (locksmith firm, French fries eatery, landscape maintenance and a flower shop, respectively), all while showing great potential for brandability.

Brainstorming a business name never comes without any creative blocks; if approached with an element of fun, this art is less troublesome to master. More importantly, playing with words will eventually lead you to a perfect name that will present your company in an amusing way and be catchy enough for your audience to remember it.