Free Business Name Generator Leandomainsearch Success!



While I sell brandable domain names, I do think that it’s necessary for any startup or product to throughly research alternatives before spending money. There are a a number of domain name generators out there to try to generate an available and free .com before resorting to paying for a domain name.

A really great one is Lean Domain Search . It allows you to combine a word with a number of popular and commonly used words and see the available choices which you can then purchase with one click to a number of domain registrars. Best of all the service is free due to the small affiliate commission the creator gets from the registering registrar.

Before I sold Brandable Domain Names I practiced a fair bit of bankruptcy law and am launching a related infoproduct related to the basics of the process. While I was struggling with the name and discovered a number of alternatives were taken I remembered and headed on over.

I entered bankruptcy and realized that bankruptcy is much catchier at the beginning of name and clicked the handy option to show only choices with the word at the beginning. After about 10 minutes of going through the first five hundred or so choices I came up with three or four choices and eventually settled on, an excellent and catchy product and domain name.

Free domain name generators can be a great tool. However, you’re going to encounter problems if you are in a more general field and want something especially short and catchy, which is the niche Nameperfection occupies. Areas that generate a number a tech startups such as payments will be especially difficult to find a good one.

If the product takes off and I wanted to sell comparable products in different areas all on one site I would expect to have to invest in a premium brandable if I didn’t have a huge personal inventory to choose from.

A couple points to remember if you are using these kind of generators.

1. Click on the link they provide to buy the domain at your favorite registrar, these kind of sites stay afloat due to affiliate revenue.

2. Expect to still have to look through several hundred or thousand names.

3. If you can’t find what you are looking for think long and hard before registering a non .com. (As a not so great compromise, it’s better to pick a catchy non .com where you know the .com is available before you start getting publicity for venture capital fundraising and use some of the funds to buy the .com. )

4. Most of these generators have variable levels of filtering, the looser you get the more likely it is you should really seriously consider investing in an aftermarket name.

As a side note it’s been announced that Automattic, (the for profit arm of wordpress), has acquired lead domain search in order to use their technology for selling domain names.