Cute Business Names for Beauty Product Websites

So, you want to start a website for a beauty product business? OK, let’s say you got everything planned – you have your business plan, marketing plan, future plans, and all the rest, but you do not have a name for your website. What now? Well, there are several factors that could influence your final decision when settling for a name.

For example, are your products for women or men? Do you plan on doing business internationally, or only in your town or country? Do you want the website name to be the same as the company name or at least similar to it? These, and some other things, could greatly affect your choice; therefore, take some time to think it through.

Why is this name so important?

The name of your website will be your marketing tool. It is something you would be recognised for, associated with a certain quality, and quite honestly, it would be the first impression you leave with your customers. Clearly, there is a lot in the name, and a lot of responsibility goes along with choosing it. Therefore, avoid being bland; instead, settle for something that pops. Naming your website is like naming your child; you need to think of something that would not cause funny nicknames, bullying or ignoring.

Moreover, the name should be relevant to your target audience, which you should know beforehand, and it should be relevant to the products you sell. Make an effort to have everything go along smoothly, and to be related to each other. The point is to think of the company name as a brand. It could develop into something bigger, and it can even become synonymous with success, let’s say.

What to consider when picking the name?

To help yourself with this process, make a list of rules you need to stick to. For instance, mind the spelling. It doesn’t have to be a strict, grammatically correct way of spelling a word. You could play with the letters, use words from foreign languages, or something similar. The French language is very popular with beauty products; maybe you could go in that direction.

Naturally, do not go with something too complicated that requires using a dictionary, or you explaining what the name actually means. If it is impossible to understand, then the name is wrong.

Furthermore, keep the moniker simple and not too long. Let’s be real, no one likes typing in the website name into the address bar, especially if it is too long. For that reason, your website should bare a simplified, to-the-point name. Additionally, avoid using hyphens or numbers. They often get forgotten and are really unnecessary.

Next, go for something likeable. This means choosing a name that will suit the preference of the majority of potential customers. A likeable name means that it flows well when spoken, that it is easy on the tongue. Tongue twisters, harsh sounding words, dirty words and similar, are out of the question. None of them could possibly be cute, which is what you are aiming for.

Pick the right domain name extension

Now, after a long process of settling for a name, you will need to pick the right domain name extension. Unfortunately for some, the moniker they want is not always available. For instance, your name may not be available with a .com extension, like you wanted it to be. This turn of events could ruin your initial wishes, but it shouldn’t be considered as such a bad outcome. Of course, everyone would like to have the .com extension, since it is the most popular one, and it is considered a default. For example, when saying your website address, there wouldn’t be a need to mention the .com part,a s it goes without saying.

But, what to do when this default option is not available? Well, you could try out other different extensions like .net, .org, or even go with, for example. Perhaps, you could buy all the other variations while you are at it, just to have a backup if something goes wrong.

Moreover, you can be creative and come up with your own domain name extension, or use a less common one. For example, try .luxury, or .beauty. Clearly, there are numerous options to choose from, giving you a great window to use your imagination and creativity.

Examples of cute business names

Beauty and the Cream: If your business sells face or body creams, this would be a perfect name for it. The name is a play on the “Beauty and the Beast”, of course, which makes it cute, playful, and perfect for women’s products.

Blossomcare: Everyone likes flowers, so blossom is a good word for beauty-related items. Also, it signifies growing and regeneration. Therefore, hair products would be perfect to sell with this name.

Luscious Lipstix: One purpose of lipstick is to make women’s lips look and feel luscious, full and sexy. That is why “Luscious Lipstix” would be a nice choice if you want your business to resonate sensuality and beauty.

Kiddyland: This would suit a children’s product business, as it signifies a place only for kids.

Cuddlezzz: Cuddling is sweet, relaxing, and cute, particularly between a parent and their child. The last part of the name, “zzz” suggests sleeping, so this would be nice for baby products like body lotions, shampoo and similar.

Well, now you know what to look for when naming your website, what to pay attention to, and most importantly, why a good name is important. And hopefully, the examples could help you think of a perfect moniker; or maybe, you can use one of them.