Creative Business Names

There are several instances when a business may decide to acquire name: during startup, a branding and when launching a new line of products which the business may need to differentiate from its core business. Whatever the motive, choosing the right business name can be a very daunting task, especially when you are looking for creative business names that will make you stand out in the marketplace. Creative business names are not easy to come by unless you deploy a large amount of human resources to brainstorm and float lots of potential business ideas that you and your team can pour over. There are companies that spend weeks before coming up with suitable and creative business names.

There are several tips that established businesses can deploy however to come up with more creative business names with a magnetic effect on their potential customers that are quite distinctive and memorable.  Businesses can begin their search in the brandable domain names inventories and listings which usually contain a myriad of well thought out and creative business names that can give a brand an instant boost.

Branding is always a creative affair and when hunting for creative or cool business names, you may need to sacrifice your over-reliance on hard data such as competition and search volumes and simply let your creative side take over. One of the big advantage of investing in brandable names as part of your branding and naming strategy is that you are able to a acquire a name with limitless potential and which can transcend many global boundaries so as to deliver value to your customers.  Here are a few tips to consider when searching for creative business names:

Think Outside the box

Because you are not going to rely on solid data and analytics to come up with a name, all you are left with is your imagination. Try to associate some of the current creative business names with the niches that they are operating in and see if you can pull off something from the deep realms of your imagination. Use the brandable domain name search tools to get a few name suggestions that are close to what you are looking for.

Focus your search

Do not simply search blindly in the dark. If you have decided that you will work strictly with the creative business names then it is important to put in place some parameters so as to eliminate all the time-wasting chaff and steer your search towards your actual target.

Describe your business

As much as you are not going for the more descriptive generic business names, the creative business names must have some “loose association” with the niche you are operating in. They must describe your business, however remotely. You can apply creative linguistics or use the established creative naming patterns to choose the most suitable and creative names for your business.  By creative linguistics, think of names like Vimeo, Scribd, Slideshare, Clickworker, FriendFeed, Digg, Grammarly and how they are associated with their respective niches.

Use tools and resources to streamline your search

Do not toil in isolation. Boost your search for creative business names by taking advantage of the resources and expert personalized help to get the most desirable and creative names for your business ventures.