Cool Business Names – How and Why They Boost Brand Recognition

Coming up with a name for your business is not just a game. You cannot simply play with words. The name you pick for your company has impact on how people will remember you, discover you, and it has an impact on what kind of message you are sending out. So, in the following article, we are going to discuss how to come up with cool business names, and what benefits it can have on your overall performance and brand recognition. Here are some tips you should follow when coming up with a name for your line of work.

Being unique


Truth be told, it’s not too difficult to come up with a unique name; it’s basically just a made up word that can be both spelled and uttered with ease. For example, you can name your company Zeelix, Ludge, Fown, etc, but the question is: “Would that kind of name bring you any benefit?” On the plus side, it’s good to be unique and it’s good to stand out from the crowd. If the name just rolls off the tongue, then people will easily remember it.

So, coming up with a funny and easy-to-utter name can get people talking about you, which is good. Also, if you come up with a name that can be spelled in different ways, you might incite a discussion on how it should be pronounced, which is also beneficial for brand awareness.   

Of course, there is a downside to picking a made up word. It may not be received as well as you hope, and people might only get confused. Secondly, people might forget how to spell it, or they might only hear it, without seeing how it is written, which also makes it difficult for them to discover you. And, finally, a lot of new firms are popping up each day, and a lot of them try to be unique and memorable, and by adding more brand names with made up words in circulation, you only create mass confusion.

So, this may have been effective in the past few decades, but now, it can easily backfire, and since it is such a wild card, perhaps it would be better not to risk it. However, if you do go with this option, just remember to pick a word that can be spelled easily, so that customers won’t have too much trouble trying to find you on Google or any other search engine.

Keep it simple, easy to pronounce and easy to remember

This is basically the best formula for coming up with your name. Pick an existing word that is simple, business-related in some way, easy to pronounce and easy to remember. Customers will be able to find you even after one encounter; it will also make the whole marketing and optimization job a whole lot easier.

Unfortunately, this method has one massive drawback that you probably know already. The name that you want is most likely already taken, and not just by one business owner; we are talking tens, maybe even hundreds.

So, when you use an existing name and someone tries to find you online, chances are that they will have to check out all other businesses with the same name before they discover you. So, if you plan on having an ecommerce website, and do a lot of jobs online, then you’ll have to spend a lot of time coming up with a name.

Luckily, if you like a particular word, or if you want to have a name that people will easily notice, then you might not even have to come up with one. You can simply buy the name that you like and it will be all yours. There are providers who specialize in selling domain names, and they have some pretty cool names in stock. So, just check out which one you prefer and also remember to check its strength and popularity, because that’s one of the things that determines the price. And, if everything fits, just buy a cool name for your company,

Use keywords as a part of your name


This is one of the best options you can go with as a small business. Basically, you introduce the name of your product or service as part of your name, and the whole online store optimization process is made a lot easier. Names like Game Central, Book Depository, Toys R Us, etc. are all named after their product, and these are all easy to remember.

Coming up with a name in this fashion is incredibly useful if you are just starting your line of work and if you want to make a new website. You can still come up with a cool name, just do some brainstorming and find what other word goes well with your keyword.

The only problem, and quite a meaningless one, is facing the fact that you are doing something “common”. Basically, a lot of small businesses are playing it safe, so their name itself doesn’t have that “WOW” factor that alludes that you are aspiring to greatness. However, you can turn it into an acronym and create a brand new word from it. This is a great way to bypass this flaw.

So, there you have it; these are some tips that can help you to come up with a cool and memorable business name. It’s up to you to pick which option you wish to choose.