Cool Business Names for Technology Companies and How to Think of One

Technology companies can ensure a steady and overall better growth if they have a cool name. On top of that, a cool name goes a long way when you are in the technology industry. The name you pick does not only represent your company, but it also creates a brand for your company; a brand you need to take care of and develop over time.

Your name will become a symbol of who you are and what you do. No matter if you are running a professional and important business, a cool name can help you get more attention and make your company memorable, adding that distinctive characteristic to it. Here are some examples that can help you understand how a cool business name can make your technology company survive and grow for many years to come.

How GoldStar Became LG


In 1958, after the Korean War, a company was founded to build electronic devices. One of its sister companies was Lak-Hui, which is pronounced Lucky. When they merged, the company name evolved into Lucky Goldstar. That’s when they decided to go with the slogan “Life is Good”. In 1995, the company adopted the LG brand and logo.

As you can see in this example, a creative touch added that cool momentum in the evolution of a cool company name that sticks to your mind and makes this brand distinguishable among many technology companies worldwide.


Before they became a corporation manufacturing led lights, office appliances, mobile phones, audio-visual products and solar panels, this Japanese startup’s first product was the “Ever-sharp pencil” and it served as inspiration when the company got named.

This is a great example of how you can come up with a cool name just by knowing what you are offering to the market. Don’t be afraid to experiment; your products and services can help you come up with a cool name for your technology company.

Googol, no wait, Google

You may not know this, but Google was meant to be Googol at first. This name came up as a result of a nerdy joke about the amount of information this search engine could search – a googol of information (number 1 followed by 100 zeros). But, when its founders L. Page and S. Brin gave a presentation to an investor, they had received a check made out to Google.

As you can see, cool names can even come into being through errors that people make when pronouncing your original ideas. That’s why it is important to talk with as many people as possible about your company’s possible names. A dull and boring one can easily become a cool techy name once you juggle it through a few conversations with various people.

Six Apart


There is no way you know the origin of this company name. One thing’s for sure, the name is both cool and intriguing. This software company is known as Movable Type blog ware, TypePad blog hosting service and Vox. The name stands as a reference to the six-day age difference between its married co-founders.

This is a great example of how personalization can make a company name cool and unique, making it easy to remember. It also shows that, sometimes, coming up with a cool name for your business can be just a step away. That’s why you need to explore all the options that are already given to you by life’s circumstances.



This technology company is named after the winged horse of Greek Mythology, the Pegasus. Its founders dropped the first three letters in order to be in a high position in alphabetical listings. This resulted in Asus; a short, cool and catchy name. On top of that, the same company founded a new company named Pegatron, that develops mainly computing, communications and consumer electronics, by using the letters they got rid of in the first place.

As you can see, a unique and cool name can be right there in front of you. You just need to keep your mind open and be practical. Asus is a great example of how changing your name just for better ranking in alphabetical listings can result in a great name for your company. Since they have maintained steady growth, they even played the Pegatron card, launching a brand new and cool named techy business leaning on the reputation of their existing products and services.


Did you even notice that there are all four HTML letters in this name; well, that was the explicit message Hotmail founders were trying to send to us to let us know that the HTML programming language was used to help create this product.

This example tells wonderful story for all entrepreneurs out there looking for a cool name for their business. You can see that, sometimes, your intention to present something through a company name can end up in success, but due to something you have not foreseen.

Sometimes, you need to play with words in order to create a cool and effective business name. For example, a computer store that also offers repair services could choose names such as Hardware, Comp-Fix, Computer Forest, The PWN Shop, Hack-Shack, etc.

Why not use foreign words to create a cool name for your tech company? You can choose a language that is associated with your business or something that you prefer personally. Mix languages together and you can come by some cool names for your business. The catch is to try and retain enough English, so that your potential customers don’t get confused.

If you are out of ideas, you can also try reverse engineer a cool name for your company by starting with a cool, intriguing and engaging brand story. This could prove really helpful and it can spark that creative moment in you just when you thought you’ve ran out of options.

As you can see, there are many ways and reasons to come up with cool name for your technology company. These are just some of the examples and guidelines to help you get the bigger picture. Always keep your options and present them to your business partners or friends to seek their opinion. Feel free to explore other content online; after all, naming your company can be really challenging.