Catchy Business Names

Catchy business names play a very important role in branding thanks to their uniqueness, the quirkiness and the creative aspect of the domain names. They are instant attention grabbers and are also quite memorable. They certainly give you an edge in the online marketplace as they arouse curiosity, are unforgettable and bound to capture attention in the online market. There’s a good rationale for using catchy and brandable domain names to build your business if we put the success of other online startups into consideration.  If you are launching a startup in a market that is dominated by many established players, then a large part of your marketing and branding budget must be spent on product differentiation. Tell your customers ways in which you are different and better than the established players. You can do this by acquiring catchy business names that will motivate your customers to try out and use your products and services.   Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate when searching for fancy and catchy business names for your business.

Use your name if you are already a brand

If you are already an established brand in your own right, you can use your own name as your business name as this will give you an instant recognizability amongst your legions of passionate fans. This can be a good option for motivational speakers, fashion icons, chefs and many other areas where personal branding plays a key part.

Observe Current Naming Trends for companies in your niche

Don’t imitate but try to discern some connotations in the business names of the existing brands. Look at the potential brandable domain names and determine if they communicate the message that you want to convey. The names should ignite a spark and customers should be able to make a rough guess of your area of business from the business name. It’s also important for the name to have the talkability quality. Your target market should recognize the name. Choose catchy business names that fit well with the vocabulary of your intended audiences.

Investigate the potential names before making an acquisition

Names might be unique but you are not the only one laying claim to a particular name. It is therefore important to thoroughly investigate many aspects of the name before utilizing it in your branding. For example, research the name thoroughly to determine its SEO value. Ensure there are no potential trademark issues involved with a business name or domain name. Check if the name and its many variants have been registered. These precautions will save you time and money later on as you proceed with your business venture. The  last thing you need is a host of legal suits earlier on in your startup.

You can use our robust tools and resources to find  catchy business names that will give a huge competitive edge as you launch your startup.