Brandbucket Releases Some Stats!

Brandbucket ,an older and more expensive marketplace for brandable domain names, recently released some interesting stats. Their first year in business was 2007 and they sold $50,000 in domain names in 2008 with 25 sales. In 2012 they sold 273 domain names and are on track for passing a million in sales in 2013 .

The founder also reported in DNJOURNAL that the average price of a brandable has increased from about $2,000 to $3,000.

It’s great to see some numbers from the normally shadowy and mysterious Brandbucket. The world of brandables recently took off with several long forum threads on Namepros and the launch of this site and another site called Brandroot in the last six months.  Nameperfection seeks to distinguish itself with more keyword derivative names and slightly wider variety, but Brandbucket’s probably the next place we would recommend searching.