Brandable domain sales take over the Week of June 30th! setting the record high of 500k  for reported domain sales kicked off the biggest week for brandable domain name sales I think I’ve ever seen. While arguably not strictly a brandable domain name since brand gets 110k exact Google Global searches a week, one word domains are arguably the premiere category of brandables with lots of non-keyword related industry giants like Apple or Blackberry. While this site focuses on made up brandables since they are more affordable (and honestly require less capital), if you have $20,000+ to spend on the domain name and the marketing dollars to brand the word as your service I think single word keywords are the way to go in many many cases.


The sale formed the capstone of a stellar week for brandables with another one word keyword selling for $20,000 for presumably resale since the domain is showing as for sale on the landing page. Selling for over $10,000 included; catchy brandable phrases, (43k), (59k),,,,; straight brandable and; at 12k stood out as a wide keyword with a common brandable suffix. (iq, hq, xs, etc.)


Under $10,000 .com >$2000 brandable sales included – $9100

ILEX – $5400



illa -3013




inkly – 3500

bitroad -3250




pilip – groovy palindrome