Brandable Domain Name Sales Highlights from June 30th’s DNJOURNAL sales report


Was perusing the excellent DNJOURNAL weekly sales report and thought I’d highlight some of the brandable domain name activity. The top three brandables appear to be at $17,500, at 13,000, and at 12,500. Perusing google the two word generics might have been bought by users of other extensions. appears to be the highest brandable true generic though it does have an interesting urban dictionary entry of being a cross between a shake and smack.

Recovery24 went for $8000 thus disproving the notion that adding numberals makes domains undesirable. A number of 4L’s sol as well and for just shy of 3k. 6L’s went for a strong $4,500, for 3,600. 5L Payla $7,000 went for 7k. 2 word Lifetribe went for $5,028 with obvious social uses. an 11L! Went for $2250 demonstrating the powers of the trendy -ly ending. went for $3750 demonstrating that even letter ommission brandable hacks can get good sales

Overall, a strong week for brandable in the big domain marketplaces. Note that the strongest marketplaces for brandables don’t even report.