How to Successfully Brainstorm Business Names

How to Successfully Brainstorm Business Names

During the business startup process, it is important not to underestimate the importance of choosing the right business name that you will use to brand your company over the long term. The name is not everything; of course there is the business concept and the product itself. However, if you are going to make it a success, a lot of thought must be put into choosing the right business name that is easy to brand. It should be memorable, have stickability and unique.

When it comes to choosing the right business name, you need to approach the process with some thoughtfulness as well as meticulousness. You need to take your time to do the necessary research into the possible business names and test it well before final adoption. How you name a business will have an impact on how well it will be received by your target audience. A thoughtful and creative name will also save you the need to do name rebranding in the future which can be a costly exercise. A unique and creative name for your business can be a great hit that will give you a great edge over your competitors.

There are various ways in which you can succeed with business naming. At the end of the day, you need to come up with a name that can effectively convey your brand mission while also differentiating you from your competitors. Here are ways in which you can brainstorm a suitable brandable company name:-

Go through the industry glossary

Every industry has its own sets of words, lingo or jargons. If you are planning to name your business, the industry glossary can be a great starting point. If you go through the commonly used words pertaining to your niche, you will come up with very catchy phrases or words which can form the basis for some really creative naming. List these words and try mashing them up or amalgamating them to see if they can capture your business mission and essence. If you are creative, you can invent some really cool-sounding homes which are also relevant to your niche.

Google it

If you are having a problem figuring out the right brandable name to use, Google can be your best friend. Search and list the many names used by other companies operating in your niche. Start by looking at your competition and then proceed to other businesses in the same niche that are not necessarily your direct competition. Look at the naming patterns of some of the businesses and see if you can pick some ideas for your business naming.

Try to visualize it

When brainstorming a suitable name for a business, do not just “think in words”. Try to visualize the product or business and think of the various cool ways in which it can be called. Images can easily help you come up with the right words.

Think Together!

Think Together!

Use a thesaurus

Unless you are a very good wordsmith, you are unlikely to know all the right words which can be used in describing a business or product let alone the quirky and creative types. There are tens of thousands of words out there and there is a limit in scope to the number of words that you can master. In that case, a thesaurus will come in handy. You can use it to come up with various combinations of synonyms and many other cool names that you were probably not able to think of. Once you have inserted a word into the thesaurus, you could unlock plenty of good ideas for naming your business.

Shop for it in a marketplace

In case you are finding the process of choosing the right name a little bit challenging, use the various brandable domains marketplaces like in order to find nice brand names which have already been chosen and curated and could just be the right fit for your business.

These marketplaces provide you with a very unique brand shopping experience where you can easily search for a suitable name based on particular relevant keywords. You can quickly search using specific keywords and then find a brand name that closely matches your keyword. On, the brandable names have been thoroughly researched and priced accordingly. Buyers can easily visualize the names and decide if they are a good match for their business.