People sometimes debate about what is the world’s oldest profession, but whatever your opinion, advertising could certainly be in the discussion. If you define advertising as the art of persuasion, humans have been doing that for millennia. Even when primitive humans were painting pictures on the walls of caves 30,000 years ago, it’s possible they […]

Despite running a site selling domain names, I’m a big fan of trying to find a “free” domain first. By free I mean either one that costs a normal registration fee or is dropping. I’ve found decent free domains for several recent ventures, and if you’ve done the legwork you’ll feel a lot more comfortable […]

It’s famously said that for any company name of any kind to stick in people’s heads, especially if it’s a domain name, it has to be catchy, yet representative of what that company stands for, and it’s no less true of people in the world of music. Musicians and others in the music business know […]

During the last few decades, the fashion industry became a multibillion-dollar global enterprise. Because of this, it’s easily understandable why there are so many entrepreneurs trying to penetrate this market and enjoy their own piece of the cake. Whether you are focusing on selling or making clothes, you will need to find a way to […]

The world as a whole is constantly changing, affecting the behavior of every single generation in the world. Teenagers are growing up in completely different surroundings when compared to all the other generations. Generations born during the 1990s had one thing that all other generations lacked: hyper communication and an abundance of information. This has […]

  Even the most powerful of business empires start with nothing but a raw idea and a vague plan for execution. The road is long and bumpy from the first rough draft to an executive chair, but with a lot of hard work and a bit of wits, nothing is unachievable. As always with epic […]

It’s a common practice for high-end entrepreneurs to support and add value to their companies by insisting in branding strategies that communicate quality and professionalism. Besides appearing overly formal in their advertising, such businesses usually bear the brandable business names that don’t quite resonate with the wider audience. As proven by a number of their […]

Coming up with a name for your business is not just a game. You cannot simply play with words. The name you pick for your company has impact on how people will remember you, discover you, and it has an impact on what kind of message you are sending out. So, in the following article, […]

The healthcare industry includes various branches that provide goods and services to treat patients. In order to meet various health related demands, the medical industry has to provide patients with curative, palliative and rehabilitative care. In today’s world, there are many companies that are very successful in their field of work. Among other things that […]

Many young brands with great brandable domain names who are advocating their love for artistry have their creative dreams and fears, but in many cases, they experience difficulties when transitioning their brand to the digital form. In many cases, they end up looking gray and “professional”, because they did not have a lot of money […]