7 Reasons to Start an Online Business

starting an online business

Are you at this intersection?

Okay. So you’ve figured out that unless you’re a bigwig at JP Morgan or some other institution that uses the Three Card Monty business model, you will never have job security unless you work for yourself. Plus, you’ve determined what it is you have to offer the world and how to package it as a product or service. You’ve even stumbled upon why YOU are the only one who can bring it to your customers in a way that they absolutely need. You’ve even picked out some great brandable domain names.

Perfect…now what?

Assuming you have all the money required to get your business up and running all you have to do now is set up shop and put out your shingle. The problem is once you’ve priced shingles (the signage kind, that is) you realize there’s no cash left over. And since maxing out your credit cards or borrowing money from your parents are not great ways to raise capital, it’s time to cut costs.

One of the best ways new companies can save money is to start the business online. Brick-and-mortar businesses are great, if you can afford the overhead. But as businesses like Amazon.com and iTunes have shown people love the convenience and cost-effectiveness of shopping online.

But that’s not to say there aren’t also advantages for the business owner, as neatly outlined here:

1. You can work in your pajamas

Getting all gussied up to go to work is overrated. And just think how much you’ll save on business attire, as well as dry cleaning. Plus, if you’re a lady (or a metro-sexual) then you don’t have to get up that extra hour earlier to do your make-up.

2. Your dog can be your assistant—or your VP of Development

Face it your dog has been waiting his whole life for you to stay home all day with him. He will repay you buy taking you on long walks in the middle of the day, during which you can brainstorm new business ideas. Isn’t that reason enough to put Fido on your corporate org chart?

3. The office space is cheap

Assuming you’re not a greedy landlord, the office space rental of your kitchen counter is a screamin’ deal. And what little you do charge yourself is tax deductible. Finally, a reason to love Uncle Sam.

4. The commute is doable

No one ever got into a car accident, ran out of gas, got a flat tire, or sat in traffic going from the bedroom to the dining room table (or where ever it is in your house that you work). Worst-case scenario is that your VP of Development (see #2 above) has a potty accident indoors because you slept in and he’s used getting up at the crack of dawn to eat and go outside.

5. You don’t have to brush your teeth for meetings…

…or even get dressed from the neck up. Because now with Skype, Google Hangout, GoTo Meeting, and a host of other free online meeting options, you can meet with anyone, anytime without the hassle and cost of travel. Heck, if you turn off the video option, you don’t even have to get dressed.

6. You always get the good parking spot

That’s because your car never leaves your garage. The environment and your bank account thank you.

7. The roll-out and marketing are cheaper

Compare the expense of any brick-and-mortar building and hardcopy advertising to what it costs to use social media, own a URL, and host a website. Okay, you may have to pay some geek to initially get your website and social media up and running, but once that’s done you can maintain all that yourself. And if not, then take a class to learn how. You still come out ahead.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a business name, register your URL and start building your website (and business) today. You don’t even have to get dressed to do it. And best of all, your dog will love you for it. (And if you don’t have a dog, now you can finally get one.)