6 Important Steps to Making It Big as a Blogger

Becoming a blogger is easy, you just need to start a blog and write. Sounds simple right? But what does it really take to make it big as a blogger? How do bloggers manage to make thousands of dollars every month? We will have to say that the answer is passion, dedication and serious commitment to blogging and we’d like to say a great creative business name.  Many people try to earn money online, but only few manage to do it successfully.

One of the best ways to earn money online is blogging. It needs some hard work, a lot of research and long working hours. The thing you need to have in mind is that many bloggers fail and give up only because they lack motivation and passion, so make sure that you always stay motivated and passionate about your blogging.

Consistent Content Will Build You an Audience of Loyal Fans

You need to establish a strict posting schedule, where you will upload one post weekly. Pick one day in a week and post content only on that day. You might wonder why? This will help you achieve success, because your audience will know when to expect content and will hurry to read it as soon as it is released. Consistency should also apply on how you write your content, for example, using the same style when writing your introductions. You need to give your audience something they will expect, and a style that will feel “like home” when read. The more familiar and consistent your content is, the more likely it is that they will come back for more.

Focus Your Energy on One Social Network


If you post your content on a consistent basis, you will build an audience who will check in frequently to catch all the latest information from your blog. There are many benefits of being present on every form of social media, but your social media campaign will be more effective if you focus on fewer, or just one channel. For example, if you focus on building a Facebook presence, you can predict and manipulate a great amount of traffic. And it will be much easier to build a fanbase on just one channel than on multiple ones. So, post consistent content to drive traffic to your blog and narrow down social media focus.

Know Your Audience

You need to understand your audience and be engaged, this is one of the crucial things to make it big. If your blog lacks social shares, you can make it up in comments and engagements. Go out of your way, talk to and get to know your audience on a different level. You need to constantly ask your audience what they want, when they want it and how they want it. You can also benefit a lot from networking with other bloggers in the niche.

Social shares are important as a metric for success, but you can even achieve success without going viral. Take your time to know your audience, you can do it through emails, surveys and polls and give them what they want. Also, make sure that you reach out and look for opportunities to write for other blogs that are in your niche, this will help your SEO, your overall branding and drive traffic to your blog from other blogs.

Create a Personalized User Experience


Your blog should not be about you, it should be about your readers and what they are trying to achieve. This means that you should never send junk content to your audience. Not only do you need to provide consistent and valuable content directly to their inbox, you need to laser-target them to achieve social shares. So, your blog needs to be set up in a way where it will be tailored to your readers and be easy to navigate.

And because your content will be instantly actionable, the readers will stay much longer. Simple, but effective. Give your readers a reason to stay, because if you don’t they will find a reason to leave. So, wherever you can, personalize your experience, create a mailing list based on your audience and their interests, and make sure your blog is easy to navigate.

Audience Wants a Personal and Likable Brand

Your readers should not just come for the valuable content, they should come because of you. So, focus one part of your blog on things that both you and your readers care about. You can do them in an informative, charming, funny and, in some occasions, controversial way. Always make decisions that will build your personal brand, and create a strong voice that will make your blog remarkable. So, pick one side of your niche and go with it, find a place for it in your content, your blog posts and updates in social media.

Provide Value Rather Than Virality

Many bloggers believe that they need to save their best and most valuable content for paid content, because they think it is stupid to give that precious knowledge for free. This does not necessarily need to be true. As odd as it may sound, you should give away some your best content for free to let people see that you are the one that can guide them to success and that you are taking care of their best interests. If you do this you will build trust, boost your engagement and create a sense of authority for yourself and your brand.

These are the most important steps you need to take to make it big as a blogger. You need to realize that it is all about being consistent, sharing your best advice, focusing on your most successful social media account and engaging your audience. Do not forget to personalize, create a clear brand identity and give away as much as possible.