5 Steps to Finding a Website Name that Speaks to Your Audience

The key to finding the perfect website name is to follow two simple guidelines. The first one is to be absolutely sure of the specific reason why you need it, and the other one is to look at it as a tool of the trade. When people see your domain name they will almost momentarily decide in their head if that is the website for them, because on the web domain names are business names

In order to keep your website visitors on your website and keep them returning, besides providing them with valuable content, you will need a catchy website name that speaks to them. Here are the necessary steps that could lead you through the process of naming your website.

Go Back to Your Business Plan

This kind of a plan is something that you should always have worked out in great detail. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger or you want a website for your business or you are starting an ecommerce website. You should know what your goals for the future are. What is the value you will be delivering to your readers? Having a broad approach to determining who might be interested and benefit from your content, services and products can make it easier to convey that unique message to your desired audience.

Think about why you need all the information you are planning to get. What do you need to know about your readers or customers? Why do you want to reach them? Is your content different from your rivals’ content? There are a lot of questions to be answered before you can construct a website name that will speak to your audience.

Build a Customer Profile

An in-depth description of your ideal customer is a must when it comes to being able to form that name-customer connection. All that detailed information about their age, gender, marital status and income cross-referenced with their psychology, interests, hobbies, lifestyle and values will provide you more than you need to be able to get the big picture. It can be helpful to write down the characteristics of your ideal customer and compare them with ones you got from your research.

Who is going to be affected by your website name, and why? If you are able to answer that question, you are ready to go to the next step.

Turn to Brainstorming


Start by writing down all the names associated with your type of business that cross your mind. Invite friends, family or business partners to enrich the brainstorming session with their ideas. Give them instructions and guidelines about what kind of name you desire. Always consider your target audience’s characteristics and how those words would relate to them.

Try not to be completely random about it, stick to the words that positively describe your business. Think of it like a way to personify your website’s name.

Narrow the List Down

After the brainstorming session, you probably ended up with a dozen of descriptive words that relate to your brand. In order to come to the right name for your website you have to start playing with words. Don’t be afraid to go super creative. Mix all the words in various combinations and experiment with the spelling. When doing so, try to keep in mind that the name has to be easy to read, spell and remember.

Decide if your website name should relate to what your intentions are at this very moment or if it’s going to be significant in the future. It is always handy to go with names that provide the space for different content – try not to limit your possibilities. Keep an open mind for improvements and progress that await you in the near future. The names that sound appealing and roll off the tongue with ease should be your priority.

Deliver Your Message


In order to effectively deliver your desired message, the final decision of what your website name should be has to be based on lots of information. This information comes from carefully planned research of your target audience.

The websites they visit and the social media platform that they use the most should provide you with enough material to work with. Also, check the frequency of their online activities. It important to know online the behavior of your audience in order to come up with the best solution for your website name. After all, if your target audience is glued to their email, your website name should reflect that fact.

You have to be able to answer every possible question about your target audience in order to name your website so that it forms that emotional connection you desire. If you think you are done, say that message out loud, hear how it sounds. See how it affects you, and test it with friends and family or your business partner.

These steps will help you on your way to finding that perfect name for your website. Don’t lose hope. This is not an easy decision, put in a lot of time and energy until you find that website name that just clicks. Be patient and determined and you will get there. Another incentive you can draw energy from is to remember that great feeling you get when you accomplish something yourself.

Don’t spend too much time thinking if some good idea is “The Right One”, give it a go and register a domain name before somebody else grabs that perfect name right in front of you. The work is not over when you get your website name right – track your website traffic and make adjustments in the process, as you have to adapt and evolve in order to stay relevant.