15 Great Name Ideas for Your New Health Blog

In the era of digital nomadism and endless wireless possibilities, earning money by working online has never been more feasible. Spreading faster than ever, the internet community is becoming more diverse with each day; somewhere out there, it holds a space for your own virtual office as well. Whatever you choose to turn it into, you’ll need your brand to represent you in an original way. And for bloggers, for this is the new millennial dream job, a bit of innovation and a dash of passion is everything the community wants.

Think brandability!


Building a blog is not an easy feat. Luckily, all you need to start it off is determination and an hour or two of studying. The web is flooded with step-to-step guides, success stories and advice from professional bloggers, all of which agree on one thing – the uniqueness of the brand. You should begin with picking a niche that works for both you and your future followers, and narrowing it down to a topic you feel passionate about. Whichever you choose, however, know that there will certainly be others with whom you’ll be forced to share audience.

Competition is hard in the blogging world, but it can always be outmatched with the use of authentic perspective. That’s why brandability is something you should be thinking about from the very start; the domain, logo and cute business name of your blog are your first bait, and they should be irresistibly attractive.

How to choose and why is it important

Being only a part of the brand, the name of your blog is also its introducer and the very first thing the audience will notice. For that reason, the name should be relatable to blog niche and powerful enough to carry the brand. To choose the right one is a tricky deed, but in addition to that, it is also an unmissable chance to demonstrate your creativity, wits and uniqueness.

Within one simple word or phrase, the right name should suggest both the main topic and your unique viewpoint, and thus persuade the user to choose your blog over other similar ones. The first couple of followers are always the hardest to entice; once they are pleased, your name will find its way to social media feeds and through them, make your blog visible to a much wider audience.

Three simple rules

Memorability: Long, elaborate and abstract names give away only the vague idea of what your blog is about. Instead, choose something that sticks, to immediately grab the attention of the reader and something short enough for the reader to remember. Also, make sure the name is easy to spell and pronounce.

Accessibility: When thinking of blog names, always keep in mind your chosen marketing strategy. Pick existing and simple phrases to make your blog more visible and easy to discover through search engines; still, take some time to research your competition in order to avoid repeatability. If your strategy focuses on buzz-building and banner ads, feel free to get creative and make your name unique and distinguishable.

All-inclusive semantics: To make the name really stick out, have fun with wordplay by merging two words together, tweaking one word, using prefixes and suffixes, spoonerisms or puns. Think about all of the word’s possible associations (you wouldn’t want to repeat Dogpile’s mistake), how they sound and which emotion and colour they evoke – all of these elements will help you tie the topic, name and logo into an original brand.

Examples and suggestions

Each of these rules can be applied to a variety of blogs from different niches. For health blogs specifically, you’ll have to take all of the topic-related meanings, notions and properties. By itself, the term “health” evokes plenty of interconnected concepts, from wellness, nutrition and fitness to mental strength, emotional learning and general welfare. Will your blog manage all of those at once or focus on one particular, but thoroughly reviewed topic?

Think about such minutia while forging a brand name. Another thing you should consider is the symbolism behind the concept of health, especially when revising how the blog’s name relates to your logo. And, if you’re still struggling, here are some examples from existing cleverly named and successful health blogs:

  1. Breaking Muscle: In addition to sounding like Breaking Bad (which is awesome), Breaking Muscle invites you to step up your fitness game by associating skeletal muscles with firmness and exercising with toughness.
  2. Sassy Kitchen: A blog dedicated to whole foods and healthy, gluten-free recipes brings a little sass into a cuisine usually linked to unsavoury and bland tastes. 
  3. Skinnytaste: As yet another blog determined to fuse healthy nutrition and yummy tastes, Skinnytaste uses two words that usually never go together. 
  4. Weighty Matters: Penned by an expert in obesity medicine, this blog is determined to demonstrate the importance (weight) of such a problem (matter), while wittily playing with meanings of both words. 
  5. Precision Nutrition: The name of the thriving nutrition blog is both self-explanatory and easy to remember, simply because the two words rhyme with each other. 
  6. Rawmazing: Once you find out that Rawmazing is actually a nutrition blog, it’s quite easy to get excited about food that is both raw and amazing. 
  7. Vanilla Garlic: With quite an unusual blend of tastes, Vanilla Garlic suggests delicious bites of life that is sometimes both bitter and sweet. 
  8. Fooducate: Determined to educate you on how to improve your health with real, but tasty food, Fooducate is so easy to find through search engines thanks to its clever amalgam of the words “food” and “educate”. 
  9. The Foodinista: If a connoisseur of fashion can be a “fashionista”, why haven’t we still thought of a name for a connoisseur of food? The Foodinista blog has, and it’s spectacularly simple. 
  10. Healthista: Much like Foodinista, which gathers food-enthusiasts, Healthista is another cannily suffixed name created to attract partisans of wellness. 
  11. Lazy Girl Running: With one simple phrase, the Lazy Girl Running blog is both funny and motivational. 
  12. Stonesoup: No, it’s not a soup made of stones, but a meal made of only 5 ingredients, all of them, like stones, perfectly natural. 
  13. Naturopathic Thoughts: With an assembly of medical experts, this blog provides opinions (thoughts) on how sickness travels to our bodies from our surroundings and what happens when they eventually reach our brains (naturopathic). 
  14. You Grow Girl: Inspired by nature, You Grow Girl explores its impact on our health and motivates us to grow further. 
  15. Zenspirations: Proposing that a healthy body never comes without a healthy mind, Zenspirations preaches the gentle art of meditation (Zen) and self-motivation (inspiration).


Regardless of its viral potency, the blog name never comes alone. While brainstorming the most perfect one, always think about it in the context of the whole brand; domain, logo, topic, user experience and content should all be incorporated in that single phrase, and therefore thought-out in relation to each other. Also, be sure to consider the name’s accessibility and how easily your domain can be found during topical research.

If faced with the opportunity to choose between a provider’s domain name and your own, always pick the later one, since it will make you look more professional and give you a chance for further brand promotion. And with some wordplay and rhymes always welcomed in the process of brainstorming the blog name, don’t forget to have some fun.