10 Name Ideas for Your Gaming Blog

Let’s assume you want to start a gaming blog, and need to figure out how to call it. Should you try a couple of  brandable domain names you like and see which one is available, or to find out if there are any more things to consider before you reach your final decision. In reality, there is no real obstacle for you to become famous. If you have great content, if users love interacting and writing for your site, and if there are a lot of people teeming around and browsing your pages, then you will have a successful gaming blog.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply create a website and hope that people will just start to role in. The best thing you can do is hope that someone stumbles upon it, but still, that is not how you can form a community. You need to be more visible, in order for people to discover you, and the name you pick plays an important role. So, let’s see what you need to consider before picking a name for your site, and hopefully, this will help you find something cool and catchy.


Is your name supposed to be unique?

The answer is both yes and no. It definitely isn’t supposed to be a copy of another name only under a different domain; like if one site has a name that ends with “.com” you shouldn’t pick the same name with ”.org”, for example. It shouldn’t even be too similar; for instance, you should not only change one letter and hope that people will find you by misspelling the name. However, if you make your name too unique, without any indication as to what your blog is all about, this is also a bad idea. So, make sure your name sends a clear message.


Picking a descriptive name


In this case, the most self-explanatory name would be “gamesblog.com”, but it’s highly unlikely that the name is available and it is also too cliché. However, it gives you a good idea on what to focus on.

You need to include the word “game” in your blog name. This way, the name clearly indicates to the reader what the site is all about and what type of audience might like it. So, you can go with “gamersden.com” or “gamingstation.com” or even “gamersvoice.com”. All of these names indicate what your blog is all about rather accurately.

Basically a good name has the following features:

  • It is readable! Meaning, you use real words, not something you made up.
  • It is pronounceable and you can spell it! Use two words and clip them together.
  • It needs to be easy to remember, since people visit all sorts of sites and, if your name is memorable, they are more likely to discover you again and again.
  • It needs to be concise and unique! Don’t make it too complex and don’t make it too cliché, as well.

Get your pen and paper out and try to come up with some ideas that match this criteria, and always ask for a second opinion.


Go with a safe bet

Nowadays, you do not need to be puzzled too much with how you should name your blog, and what kind of logo you should use to match that name. You can buy the whole package, the name and the logo. Plus, the names you buy are rated based on how likely people are to type those words. So, you can go with a name that is proven to work, but as a downside, you won’t have much control over it.


You will see the suggestions and you’ll pick the one you like, or the one you are willing to pay for. This is a great option, because it gives you an initial boost you need in order to get noticed, and as far as names go, if a lot of people visit your site, they will remember its name. Furthermore, you get the name based on what people commonly search for, so if you can, always go with this option.

That about covers it. Now, all that is left to do is to suggest a couple of names that you might like. You’ll have to check them, because there are new websites popping up each day, or maybe, you can use them to get inspired to come up with your own blog name:

  1. Playersheadquarters
  2. Truegamers
  3. Ultimateplayer
  4. Gameplaysgalore
  5. Paragongamer
  6. Geeksgamersplayers or just GGP
  7. GGGamers
  8. Players4life
  9. Gamershideout
  10. Playerlayer

There you go! 10 names that might inspire you or simply point you to the right direction. There are so many different names you can combine, so find the one that resonates with you the most. Make sure you live up to your name and give your users a place where they can enjoy and bond with each other. Always go for quality content, and good luck.